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Over the course of my life, I came to discover that there were certain television series and films that came to my rescue. Whether I needed to laugh till I cried, be shook out of an anxious state, or find something to help me feel because I was stuck in a depressed funk, the entertainment I found had one intrinsic commonality: Therapeutic value.

I discovered that well written characters who developed over time, solid storylines that progressed and grew story, and depicted the world from various perspectives of the people who resided in it, came to help me. Sometimes, it even saved me.

They helped me feel less alone. Helped me cultivate and deepen my ability to express compassion, and even more importantly, self compassion. They showed me different perspectives which challenged me to be more curious, to ask more questions, to reconsider previously held beliefs. And they introduced me to worlds, walks of life, situations and circumstances that were foreign or all too familiar, and normalized or elucidated what confused me, scared me or made me feel ashamed. Being a consumer, a connoisseur of good quality television programming and film, which also offers therapeutic value can change your life. And I know this because it helped to change mine.

So that is one of the core intentions of The Insightful Screen: to offer you, the connoisseur of these episode guides and analyses, access to a multitude of perspectives, utilizing both psychologically focused observation, and the commentary of an observer who is both clinically trained in psychology, but is also a hard core fan-girl of quality entertainment.

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