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In a world where we sit in front of screens more than we sit in front of other peoples faces, make a genuine eye contact, and have authentic and honest conversations, utilizing The Insightful Screen will help you reconnect with yourself and the world around you.

So how does all this work?

Well, I watch a show, and when I find that it speaking to me in someway I start writing about it. I'll watch and pause and write, and eventually I have an episode guide. Each episode guide offers both psychological insight and fan-girl musings about characters and themes, and often times set and costume design; how they all play a role in the growth and development of a character or a story.

As the connoisseur's of these episode guides, the intention is to help you deepen your understanding, perspective, compassion of the characters you love, and those you loathe. To expose the layers, the unspoken, the fragility and wonder of being a human being; all in the hopes that you will be both entertained, and find yourself understanding both yourself and the world around you in a new, more deeply informed and exciting way.

Many of us who consume quality entertainment have watched a series (or episodes within a series) a multitude of times. So when I go back to relive a series I have already written about, the episode guides will be updated. What is so fascinating and exciting about good writing and storytelling, that which is authentic and powerful and real and dares to go "there", is that it doesn't lose its impact over time. And as we grow and change over the course of our lives, and revisit programs that meant something to us, we often find our relationship to characters and story change too. Technology and clothing may date a program, but good character development and storytelling are timeless.

So welcome to The Insightful Screen. I hope you enjoy the guides and the commentary, whether it's for a program you've already enjoyed, or something you never knew existed. And, that as you do, you find more than you ever bargained for.

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